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Introduction to SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform Introduction – Cloud Foundry

Set up your trial Instance in SAP Cloud Platform

ABAP on Cloud Strategy

Offerings and Solution proposals

Setup ADT – ABAP Development Tools

Connect to your instance

Basics of ABAP on HANA Programming Paradigm

Introduction to code-to-data paradigm

Basics of CDS Views – Anubhav training style

Introduction to AMDP – ABAP Managed Data Procedure

Create Your DB Table using CDS

Propel the data inside your Data objects

ABAP Restful Programming Model

ABAP RESTful Programming Model and the development artifacts

CDS-based data model and create a projection view.

Behavior definition

Behavior implementation for managed scenario

Enhance behavior definition

Enhance implementation with action and validation

SAP Cloud Connector

Create a Service Definition

Create Service Implementation

Create Service Binding

Create Fiori UI for Managed Scenario

Deploy your transactional Fiori App to SAP CF

Managed and Unmanaged scenario

Security and Transport using abapGit

Transport Software components between 2 ABAP instances

Use abapGit to transport ABAP Source code with Anubhav

Maintain Business Roles and Access Restriction in SCP

Create Authorization in SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment

Extension & Integration Scenario using S/4HANA OP

Introduction to API HUB

Maintain Communication Arrangement between S/4HANA and SCP

Create end to end Extension scenario Application using AoC


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