The Azure SQL Database Architecture

Provisioning an Azure SQL Database

Connecting to and Querying the SQL Database from Server Management Studio

Creating Resources

Differences between Azure SQL Database and SQL Server

Unsupported Features

Migrating a SQL Server Database to an Azure SQL Database


Finding the Migration Benefits

Finding the Blockers

Selecting a service Tier

Selecting a Migration Tool

DTU and Vcore Pricing Models

Scaling up the Azure SQL Database Service Tier

Choosing Between a vCore Pricing Model and DTU-based

Recommendation Based on CPU/IOPS/Log Utilization

introducing Elastic pools

When Should You Consider Elastic pools?

Backing Up Azure SQL Database


Automatic backups

Backup Storage

Backup Retention Period

Configuring Long-Term Backup Retention for Azure SQL Database

Manual backups

Backing up an Azure SQL Database Using SQL Server

Restoring an Azure SQL Database


Restore Types

Point-In-Time Restore

Long-Term Database Restore

Restoring Deleted Databases

Geo-Restore Database

Importing a Database

Securing an Azure SQL Database


Firewall Rules

Managing Server-Level Firewall Rules Using the Azure Portal


SQL Authentication Azure Active Directory Authentication

Server-Level and DB level Roles

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

High Availability & Disaster Recovery Introduction

Configuring Active Geo-Replicaton and Performing

Best Practices on HA & DA

Monitoring and Tuning Azure SQL Database


Monitoring an Azure SQL Database Using with Azure Portal

Query Performance Insight

Monitoring Queries Using with Query Performance

Monitoring an Azure SQL Database Using DMVs

Monitoring Database Metrics

Monitoring Connections

Monitoring query Performance

Monitoring Blocking

Extended Events

Automatic Tuning

Resume Preparation and Interview Tips

Resume Preparation and Interview Tips


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