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IoT systems permit users to realize deeper automation, analysis, and integration inside a system. They improve the reach of those areas and their accuracy. IoT utilizes existing and rising technology for sensing, networking, and AI. IoT exploits recent advances in software package, falling hardware costs, and trendy attitudes towards technology. Its new and advanced parts bring major changes within the delivery of product, goods, and services; and therefore the social, economic, and political impact of these changes.



IOT   COURSE CONTENT                    Duration: Total 49 Hrs  , 16 Sessions

  1. Introduction
  2. Application With IOT
  3. Myth with IOT

4.Existing smart Product

5.Data Representation

6.Basis of Electronics

  1. Business with IOT
  2. Carrier with IOT

9.IOT application Architecture/Network Architecture /Device architecture

10.Client server Vs Publish server Architecture

  1. IOT Device Design

11.1  Sensors and selection criteria for sensors

11.2 Embedded development boards

11.3 Interfacing Peripherals

12.IOT communication Protocols

12.1 Communication Protocols

12.2   Wired communication Protocols – UART,I2C, Ethernet , Modbus,RS232,RS485

12.3  wireless communication Protocols – BLE,Wi-FI, NFC,6LOWPAN,Zigbee,Z-wave.

12.4   Networking  Protocols – OSI layer

12.5  Networking Topologies

12.6 Application Protocols-HTTP,MQTT,COAP,WebSocket

12.7  Selection Criteria of Application Protocols

13.Progrmming Lanuages

13.1 Assembly

13.2  C/C++

13.3 Python


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