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The Internet of Things is simply A network of Internet connected objects able to collect and exchange data. It is commonly abbreviated as IoT. The word Internet of Things has two main parts; Internet being the backbone of connectivity, and Things meaning objects / devices .



IOT COURSE CONTENT                    

  • Introduction
  • Application With IOT
  • Myth with IOT
  • 4.Existing smart Product
  • 5.Data Representation
  • 6.Basis of Electronics
  • Business with IOT
  • Carrier with IOT
  • IOT application Architecture/Network Architecture /Device architecture
  • Client server Vs Publish server Architect
  • IOT Device Design
  • Sensors and selection criteria for sensors
  •  Embedded development boards
  • Interfacing Peripherals
  • IOT communication Protocols
  • Communication Protocols
  • Wired communication Protocols – UART, I2C, Ethernet , Modbus ,RS232,RS485
  • wireless communication Protocols – BLE,Wi-FI, NFC,6LOWPAN,Zigbee,Z-wave.
  • Networking  Protocols – OSI layer
  • Networking Typologies
  • Application Protocols-HTTP,MQTT,COAP,WebSocket
  • Selection Criteria of Application Protocols
  • Programming Languages
  • Assembly
  • C/C++
  • Python


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