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Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management is a complete suite of HR products that offers both breadth and depth of global functionality that drives business value. It is designed to co-exist with your current investment and can be deployed on a public, private, or hybrid Cloud.




HCM Extracts
  •  Introduction to HCM Extracts Architecture
  • Extracts Terminology: User Entity, Database items etc
  • Different Types of records and data elements
  • How to use fast formula in HCM Extract
  • Delivery Options and BIP Integration
  • Different output format for HCM Extract
  • Development of Extracts
  • Report Creation for Extracts
  • How to Schedule HCM Extracts
  • Maintenance of HCM Extracts
Fast Formulas
  • Fast Formula Terminology: Database Item
  • Fast Formula Types
  • How to create a fast formulas in detail
Personalisations & Cloud Customisation
  • Customisation Architecture
  • Customisation Overview
  • Customisation Terminology
  • Sample customisation
  • Introduction to Personalizations
  • Working on Sandbox Concept
  • Page customisation and page editing
  • Adding new icons on the employee home page
  • Customisation roll back
  • Migrating Customisation
Third Party Integrations
  • Overview on Inbound & Outbound Interfaces
  • Different options available for third party integrations
HCM Approvals & Workflows
  • Introduction to HCM Workflow Architecture & Approval Management
  • Oracle Fusion HCM Approvals Setup and Maintenance
  • Workflow Terminology
  • Type of approves
  • Type of Hierarchy
  • Creating Approval Rules & Testing Approvals
  • Oracle BPM Work list
Data Conversions/ Data Migration & Loaders
  • Data migration Architecture
  • Data Migration Terminology
  • Different type of data load tool
  • How to migrate data using data loaders.
  • Comparison between different data loaders
  • Introduction to Spreadsheet Loader
  • Examples of Spreadsheet Loader
  • Introduction to HCM Data Loader (HDL)
  • Understanding HDL Data Flow
  • Supported Key Types
  • Object References
  • Key Resolution Sequence
  • Fusion HCM Business Object Structure
  • Zip File Structure
  • Data File Structure
  • File Line Instruction Tags
  • File Discriminators
  • Line Structuring
  • Line Ordering
  • Preparing and Validating Source Data
  • Generating and modifying Templates
  • Handling Flex-fields
  • Reviewing Enterprise Settings
  • Data Migration Examples by HDL – Work Structure(Job, Grade, Location, Department, Org Tree)
  • Data Migration Examples by HDL – Worker Data(Person, Salary, Address, Assignment, Termination, Rehire, Phone)
  • Introduction to Payroll Batch Loader
  • Payroll Batch Loader examples
Oracle Fusion HCM Security
  • Introduction to Fusion Roles
  • Understanding types of roles
  • Roles customisation using security console
  • Roles: Create, Copy, Compare, and Edit Examples
  • Creating Custom data roles
  • Creating Security Profiles
  • Assigning to User & Testing
BI Publisher Reports (Business Intelligence Reports)
  • BIP Architecture
  • BIP Terminology: Data Model, Data Sets etc
  • How to create a BIP reports (Multiple Examples)
  • Delivery Options
  • Different output format for BIP
  • How to move Reports on Manager Dashboard or Welcome Page
OTBI Reports (Oracle Transnational Business Intelligence)
  • OTBI Architecture
  • OTBI Terminology: Subject Area, Dimensions etc
  • How to create OTBI reports
  • Delivery Options
  • Different output format for BIP
  • How to move Reports on Manager Dashboard or Welcome Page

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