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SAP CO Product Costing module is used to find the value of internal cost of products. It is also used for profitability and management accounting for production. While configuring Product Costing, it involves two areas for setting − Product Cost Planning. Cost Object Controlling.




  • Introduction SAP CO_CO Controlling
  • Overview of CO Module_ SAP CO Controlling
  • Org Unite _ SAP CO Controlling
  • Cost Element Master Data_ SAP CO Controlling
  • Cost Center Master Data_ SAP CO Controlling
  • Cost Center Posting and Reports_ SAP CO Controlling
  • Internal Order Master Data
  • Internal Order Budget and Report
  • Profit Center Master Data
  • Cost Center Allocation
  • Cost Center Planning
  • SKFs
  • Posting in CO
  • Activity Types
  • CO-PA Introduction
  • CO-PA Configuration-Basic
  • CO-PA Creating Reports
  • CO-PA Flow of Actual values
  • Production Costing Overview New
  • CO-PC MM Org Structure
  • CO-PC MM Characteristics
  • CO-PC MM Data Views
  • Account Determination-OBYC
  • CO- PC Material Master Create
  • CO-PC Purchase Materials Part 1
  • CO-PC Purchase Materials Part 2
  • CO-PC Goods Receipt
  • CO-PC Invoice Receipt
  • CO-PC Basic Configs for Material Costing Part 1
  • CO-PC Basic Configs for Material Costing Part 2
  • CO-PC Configuring Material Cost Estimate
  • CO-PC Bills Of Materials
  • CO-PC Routing
  • CO-PC Selected Functions in Material Costing
  • CO-PC Costing Methods
  • CO-PC Create Material Cost Estimates
  • CO-PC Costing Run
  • CO-PC Summary of Product Cost Planning
  • CO-PC Product Cost by Order
  • CO-PC Product Cost by Order-Variance and Settlement
  • CO-PC Create Production Order
  • CO-PC Create Process Order
  • CO-PC Product Cost by Period
  • CO-PC Create Product Cost Collector
  • CO-PC Product Cost by Sales Order
  • CO-PC Create Sales Order
  • CO-PC Post Goods Issue
  • CO-PC Create Billing
  • CO-PC Tables
  • Profit Center Planning in New GL
  • Benefits of New GL Functionality
  • Document Splitting
  • Case Study Part 1
  • Case Study Part 2
  • How to Approach The SAP@ Co Exam
  • Changes to Controlling With S4 HANA
  • Introduction to S4 HANA
  • Overview of HANA
  • Deploy and Architecture
  • Overview of SFIN
  • Central Finance
  • Extras-Overview of SFIN Central
  • GL and CE
  • Extras- GL and CE in SFIN
  • Extras-CO in SFIN
  • Overview of Project System
  • Project Master Data and Financial Postings
  • Material Ledger
  • Costing-based CO-PA Part 1
  • Costing -based CO-PA Part 2










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