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SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio is an application for building executive dashboards. Design Studio was one of the first  SAP Business Interlligence applications built with mobility in mind, and is intended to be the successor to Business Explorer (BEx) Web Application Designer. It features native connections to SAP Business Warehouse and SAP HANA the in memory database  platform. SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio also features ipad support, an html user interface and a WYSIWYG editor.




DesignStudio Course Content

Planning applications–>Manual & automated data entry

Online Composition(BI mode it won’t work)



Book mark

Context Menu:It will allow the user to navigate and analyze the data at run time.

Navigation Panel

offiline clickthrough

Parallel quey execution

Standard Analysis Template

Unmerge Variables

Cascading filter

Calculation at runtime (BI mode it won’t work)

Data discovery & Visualization template(BI mode it won’t work)

Dynamic calculations at runtime

Info cahrt conditional formatting(BI mode it won’t work)

Score card conditional formatting(only available forsingle values)

Important points while designging mobile application.

1.Minimize the number of components

2.Avoivid to use cross tab(if not use pixel based application.Max 50rows,10Columns)

3.Design Smart phone application in Potrait fromat & Tablet application in Landscape format


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