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SAP EWM is a component of SAP offer Chain Management like Warehouse Management System, however it provides additional strong and advanced options to manage key activities in a very warehouse.SAP EWM is employed to expeditiously manage inventory in a very Warehouse and for supporting process of products movement. It permits any company to regulate their Warehouse’s arriving and outward-boundprocesses and movement of products within the Warehouse.



SAP EWM 9.5 Course Content

ECC Basic Configuration

EWM Basic Configuration

Product Master

Business Partners

Warehouse Structure

Activity, Activity Area_Bin Sorting

Work Center

Blank Page

Warehouse Process Types

Availability Group_Stock Types

Storage Type Search Sequence for Put away

Inbound Delivery and Goods Receipt

Inbound Revision

Block, Unblock_Mass Change Bins

Put away to Fixed Bin

ECC Configuration for Sales

Outbound Delivery Configuration

Customer Master

Warehouse Process type determination in Outbound delivery

Goods Issue – Stock Removal – FIFO _ LIFO Configuration

Complete Goods Issue Process

Direct Consumption to Cost Centre

Physical Inventory

Physical Inventory Process

Posting Changes _ Stock Transfer Configuration

Posting Changes _ Stock Transfer Process

Initial Stock Upload

EWM Warehouse Monitor

Cross Docking

Cross Docking Process


Slotting Process

Post Processing Framework

Post Processing Framework Process

Batch Management Configuration in SAP EWM

Batch Management Process in SAP EWM


Replenishment Process


RF Frame Work Configuration

RF Frame Work Process Flow

RF Sending Messaging to Working Resources


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