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Hybris is associate degree ecommerce product platform that’s accustomed address a family of productinvolving client expertise and Management. Hybris isn’t one product like SAP ERP or SAP bioattack system, rather it’s a bunch of product to produce finish to finish client engagement expertise.




Business Analysis
  • Formal definition of business analysis
  • R&R of a business analyst
  • SWOT analysis and MOSCOW techniques
Introduction to the hybris project delivery framework
  • Methodology
  • Tools (code quality, DevOps, Environments)
  • Project org
  • Production cut over
  • Introduction to the Accelerator concept
  • Introduction to OOTB Accelerators
  • Key features and technology behind the hybris Accelerators
Hybris Basics
  • Guided path to installing and configuring a local instance of hybris
  • hybris architecture from a business perspective (modules, extensions, addons)
  • hybris Data Model
  • Types Deployment
  • Configurations in hybris
  • Tenants & Cluster
  • hybris Cache
  • Logging
  • hybris Support
  • hybris Licensing model
  • System Initialisation & Update
  • Flexible Search Query
  • A typical system architecture based on hybris
  • Introduction to the GUIs: hMC, Cockpits and hAC
  • Introduction to the Cockpit NG framework
  • Security and user management
  • Workflow management and the hybris business process engine
  • Process automation via Creon jobs
  • Introduction to hybris Report Cockpit
  • Localisation & Internationalisation
  • ASM
Data Integration
  • Data integration landscape and legacy systems
  • Role of Middle ware
  • hybris type system and hybris data
  • Solutions for systems migration: Imp Ex
  • Solutions for systems co-existence: data hub, hot folders, scheduled Imp Ex
Content Management
  • Product modelling (classifications and variants)
  • Product Cockpit
  • Catalogue Management
  • Web Content Management
  • WCMS Cockpit
Commerce Management
  • Commerce Basics: introduction to commerce functionality delivered – OOTB
  • Search and Navigation
  • Advanced Personification
  • Promotions and Vouchers
  • B2B specific functionality
  • Commerce Infrastructure Services
  • Payment
  • Subscriptions and Bundling
  • hybris Omani Commerce Connect
Order Management
  • Order Management Module
  • Order Management Services
  • Sourcing: an Overview
  • Workflows in Order Management Services
  • Availability to Sell (ATS)
Channel Management
  • Mobile Capabilities
  • In Store Application
  • Customer Service Functionality
  • Print Capabilities
Introduction to hybris-SAP Solution Integration
  • Overview
  • Architecture
  • Asynchronous Integration Architecture
  • Synchronous Integration Architecture
  • Social Media & Analytics Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
Introduction to hybris-SAP Marketing solution
  • Planning
  • Recommendation
  • Campaign
  • Segmentation
  • Channel
Introduction to SAP hybris Billing
  • Introduction to SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management (BRIM)
  • Accelerators Installation using ant
  • Accelerators Installation using recipe
  • Creating new extension & configuring
  • Creating new module & configuring
  • Product cockpit
  • CMS cockpit
  • back office
  • hMC
  • hAC







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