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Splunk is a tool for searching, correlating, reporting and alerting on (mainly) log data. Think of it as a powerful analytical tool, which also has capabilities to store data in its own internal format for a specified amount of time




Splunk Administration Topics

  • Overview of Splunk
  • Splunk installation
  • Splunk installation in Linux
  • Distributed Management Console
  • Introduction to Splunk App
  • Splunk indexes and users
  • Splunk Configuration Files
  • Splunk Administration Environment
  • Basic Product Environment
  • Splunk Search Engine
  • Various Splunk Input Methods
  • Splunk user& index management
  • Machine Data Parsing
  • Search Scaling and Monitoring
  • Splunk Cluster implementation

Splunk Development Topics

  • Splunk Development Concepts
  • Basic Searching
  • Using Fields in searches
  • Saving and scheduling searches
  • Creating Alerts
  • Scheduling Reports
  • Tags and Event Types
  • Creating and using Macros
  • Workflow
  • Splunk search commands
  • Transforming Commands
  • Reporting Commands
  • Mapping and single Value Commands
  • Splunk Reports &Visualisations
  • Analyzing, Calculating and Formatting Results
  • Correlating events
  • Enriching Data with Look ups
  • Creating Reports and Dashboards
  • Getting started with parsing
  • Using Pivot


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