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Object orientation simplifies software design to make it easier to understand, maintain, and reuse. Object Oriented Programming (OOP) represents a different way of thinking in writing software. The beauty of OOP lies in its simplicity. The expressiveness of OOP makes it easier to deliver quality software components on time.

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SAP BASIS stands for (Business Application Systems Integrated Solutions), includes RDBMS, GUI and other powerful components for system administration. SAP BASIS—the underlying system software that forms an effective platform for customer and module specific applications, is typically a middle ware program.

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In CRM (customer relationship management), CRM software is a category of software that covers a broad set of applications designed to help businesses manage many of the following business processes: customer data. customer interaction. access business information. automate sales.

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Web Dynpro (WD) for ABAP is that the SAP normal computer program technology developed by SAP noble metal. It may be employed in the event of web-based applications within the SAP ABAP setting that utilizes SAP development tools and ideas. It provides a front-end internet computer program to attach on to backend SAP R/3 systems to access information and functions for news.

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SAP Workflow ensures the right work is brought in the right sequence at the right time to the right people. It is a tool designed to facilitate and automate business processes that require tasks to be performed by people.

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