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SAP FI stands for monetary Accounting and it’s one in all necessary modules of SAP ERP. it’s accustomed store the monetary knowledge of a company. SAP FI helps to investigate the monetary conditions of an organization within the market. It will integrate with different SAP modules like SAP Mount Rushmore State, SAP PP, SAP MM, SAP SCM, etc.SAP dominant (CO) is another necessary SAP module offered to a company. It supports coordination, monitoring, and optimisation of all the processes in a company. SAP CO includes managing and configuring master knowledge that covers value and profit centers, internal orders, and different value components and useful areas.

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  • Introduction to SAP FICO
  • Enterprise Structure
  • General Ledger- Part1
  • General Ledger- Part2
  • Accounts Payable-Part1
  • Accounts Payable-Part2
  • Accounts Receivable-Part1
  • Accounts Receivable-Part2
  • Basic Terms Tax on Sale Purchase
  • Tax on Sale Purchase
  • AP Down Payment
  • AR Down Payment
  • Bank Accounting-Part1
  • Bank Accounting-Part2
  • Bank Accounting-Part3
  • Bank Accounting-Part4
  • Cash Journal
  • Accruals Deferred Recurring Entries
  • Packing Hold Cleaning
  • Reversal
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Dunning
  • Assets Accounting-1
  • Assets Accounting-2
  • Assets Accounting-3
  • Assets Accounting-4
  • Assets Accounting-5
  • Assets Accounting-6
  • Assets Accounting-7
  • Assets Accounting-8
  • Withholding Tax-1
  • Withholding Tax-2
  • Financial Statement Version
  • Interest Calculation1
  • Interest Calculation2
  • Foreign Exchange1
  • Foreign Exchange1
  • Closing Activities-Day Month End Activities-1
  • Closing Activities-Day Month End Activities-2
  • Closing Activities-Year End Activities
  • Integration With FI&MM
  • Integration With FI&SD
  • Overview On Controlling
  • Cost Element Accounting
  • Defining Reconciliation ledger
  • Profit Center Accounting-Part1
  • Profit Center Accounting-Part2
  • Cost Center Accounting-Part1
  • Cost Center Accounting-Part2
  • Cost Center Planning
  • Internal Orders
  • Internal Order Planning
  • Internal Order Settlement
  • Product Costing-Overview
  • Profitability Analysis
  • SAP FICO Tables and Functional specs
  • Report Painer
  • SAP Fiori in SAP FI Module
  • LSMW
  • Introduction to New GL
  • Ledger Overview-(New GL)
  • Document Splitting-(New GL)
  • Document Type and Segment-(New GL)
  • Unit Testing and New GL Reports-(New GL)








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